Njord Vest

Njord Vest

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  • 100% windproof
  • Highly water resistant
  • DWR treated
  • Ultra-quiet and soft fleece shell
  • High pile fleece lining


Introducing the Njord Vest, a remarkable addition to your whitetail hunting kit. This vest is designed to provide exceptional comfort and functionality for the dedicated hunter. Engineered with advanced features, the entire Njord collection is  optimized to offer a silent and comfortable experience, ensuring you stay focused and warm in any weather condition.

The Njord collection boasts a cutting-edge construction that guarantees ultimate protection against harsh elements. Crafted using Kryptek's bonded brushed tricot, these garments maintain a completely silent profile during your hunting expeditions. The specially designed tricot material is not only whisper-quiet but also fully windproof, shielding you from chilling gusts and maintaining your body heat.

To enhance the warmth and insulation properties, the Njord collection incorporates a high pile fleece backer. This plush fleece lining ensures warmth, trapping and locking the heat to keep you exceptionally warm even in below freezing  temperatures. With this smartly engineered design, you can truly enjoy extended hunting seasons without discomfort or shivers.

The 10/10 lamination technique used in the Njord collection has created an impenetrable barrier against both wind and water. This lamination significantly elevates your comfort levels, ensuring you remain dry and shielded from environmental elements throughout your hunting endeavors.